The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine Feature

This is my most recent feature which was in The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine, Fall 2012 Issue. It’s a small feature but exposure to different audiences is always a good thing. This feature is on pages 58 and 59 of the magazine. You may visit their web site and subscribe at The digital version of the magazine and a PDF version of the feature can be seen here:

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Bean – The Fat Son of a Dutch Master

Ok, I’ve been up all night. Just couldn’t sleep and you can imagine what goes through my mind when I’m delirious from lack of sleep and hammered with caffeine. Yep, you read the title right. This is my depiction of what Mr Bean would look like had he been born the fat son of a Dutch Master. So the Mr Bean saga continues. I don’t even know myself what’s in for the future of this collection but I’m sure it will be fun. It’s not much to show for an all nighter but in the end at least it was therapeutic. I’m tired. Going to sleep now!

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Another Caricature Study of Bill Murray

This is yet another caricature study of Bill Murray. I have done several of him but his features and expressions never get old. On this one, I started with a horrible source image as you can see below so it was a challenge getting the textures right. There was also a lot more digital painting in this one than most because the detail just was not there. It was great practice and as always a good learning experience.

Just a note to let you know what else is going on with my work. I just finished the most complex image I have done to date. I spent almost 3 weeks on it and it will be used as a full page magazine illustration just in time for the elections. I can’t give anymore details right now but I will post the image as soon as it’s published. The only bad thing about it is that it was commissioned by an individual who is very one sided politically, so it may be a bit controversial. :) Note: This is not my opinion. It’s my job. I will also be starting another movie project soon for CatchPhrase Entertainment. Looking forward to that one.

I also wanted to let everyone know why my posts have been a bit sparse for the past few months. I have been spending a lot of time on Google+ lately. There are a few reasons for this. Google+ is providing the majority of my commissions over the last year for one. I was fortunate enough to have been selected for the Suggested User’s List a few months back and it has really payed off. I now have approximately 850,000 followers after one year and I am gaining about 6,000 followers per day which will put me over 1 million next month. If you’re not there, it’s very easy and quick to make a profile. Here’s mine:

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Interview with Martin Shervington on Coaching Plus

This is one of my more recent interviews with Martin Shervington on his show Coaching Plus. Martin is a UK based Consultant, Professional Coach and Marketing Psychologist, writer on communication including Google Plus and author of eight books and scripts with a psychological twist. For more information on Martin, visit his web site. Enjoy!
















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Global Art Gallery opens its doors!

A new global fine art platform has launched, exhibiting selected works by some of the world’s most respected artists.

New York - Newly launched online art gallery is set to radically shake up the art industry, offering art buyers a curated selection of work by 500 carefully selected artists from around the world.

Since the arrival of the Internet, there has been a paradigm shift happening in how buyers interact with art. Instead of going from gallery to gallery, we now have access to a vast selection of art online.

Until now, several gigantic art websites have dominated online, offering an overwhelming mountain of art with little distinction between amateur work and that of contemporary masters. Traditional galleries have also failed to really engage their audiences online, if at all, usually offering only small selections of work online that match the limited scale of their physical ‘real-world’ spaces. represents a radical change, harnessing the best of both the real and online worlds. Artsia houses several thousands of art works on unlimited ‘virtual wall space’, while making sure that only the very best work is included in the collection.

The work represented on the site is by member artists of the Society of International Artists. All artists must first go through a selection process that is carefully checked by the site’s international curatorial team.

Artsia is organized by individual artist profile pages, uniquely offering buyers direct contact with artists, and showcasing individual artist blogs that give a unique and highly personal insight into how each artist creates their work. The site also offers a unique set of online tools to bring the work into the real world, including ‘zoom in’ functions, and a ‘view to scale’ window, which allows you to view each piece to scale and see its approximate size hung on an virtual gallery wall.

The artist-buyer relationship is set to change in a big way, and Artsia is leading the way: showing how the internet can showcase great contemporary art while engaging with buyers online in a meaningful way.

Prices of original work start at around $100, and Artsia also offers a Fine Art Prints program, which offers open edition fine art prints, starting from as little as $18.

Shipping is available worldwide and all work bought on the site is guaranteed with a 7 day home trial period.

For further information, please visit

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Colin Mansell, , 778.885.7002

Lindsey Davis,



More about Artsia

Artsia is an international online art platform, representing work by the Society of International Artists.

Artsia is a truly international organization. The curatorial team is led by Catherine Higgs in London UK, whose fine art pedigree includes working for Christie’s and Philips De Pury. Colin Mansell, Artsia’s CEO is originally from the UK but is now based in Vancouver, BC, while our Editor, Lindsey Davis is based out of New York.

Our sole purpose is to seek out, support and promote great contemporary art, and make this available online to the international art-buying public. Please visit our site or drop us a line for more information.


Colin Mansell, , 778.885.7002

Lindsey Davis,

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